Mobile Research Van

Recognised as the Best Face-to-Face Data Collection approach at the 2016 MRS Operations Awards just two years after launching, our 'Jump on the Street' research van was designed to enable quantitative and qualitative research to be conducted anywhere and everywhere.

Our creative solution reaches audiences often excluded from research samples to deliver quick, efficient and cost-effective research. It provides a wide range of solutions thanks to it being equipped with WiFi, iPads, a TV/DVD player, a high-spec video camera, and even cooking facilities.


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Choose Jump on the Street if you want to:


Engage respondents

The eye-catching exterior and unique interior design makes it interesting and accessible to every demographic

Inspire interviewers

Our motivated and enthusiastic teams are proud to demonstrate a new, innovative approach


Fast, accurate, flexible data-capture, with real-time progress monitoring

"Jump Research demonstrated with their innovative data collection approach, creating a mobile research van, that it is possible to broaden face-to-face research participation, increase participation rates and reach geographically remote participants. The research van solution brings research to participants in an inventive and fun way, which evidently works, with a strong set of metrics proving its effectiveness. Clearly the approach also delights clients and researchers, as seen in their excellent supporting testimonials."

- MRS Operations Award Judges Citation